Welcome To The Campaign For Scottish Independence

Scottish IndependenceIn 2014 Scotland held a referendum to determine if the majority of Scots wanted to leave the Union and become independent or if they wanted to remain within the Union.

The end result of that referendum was to remain within the union.

5 years have passed since then and a lot of things have changed. The most obvious was Brexit and the total catastrophe that it has become. During the 2014 Scottish referendum, we were told, many times, that if Scotland became Independent it would not be a part of the EU and it would not be able to be a part of the EU. 

It was clearly stated to us that the only way for Scotland to remain in the EU was for it to remain in the Union. 

When Scotland cast its vote on Brexit, it showed an overwhelming majority of Scots wanted the UK to remain in the EU. But as we know, other parts of the UK voted to leave the EU which went against the wishes of Scotland and it went against what Scotland was told during the 2014 Independence referendum.

Due to those changes, Scotland feels it has a mandate to call a second referendum and that is what this site is campaigning for.

We’re campaigning for a second referendum and for Scotland to become independent from the Union it has with the rest of the UK.